Waggl is an Employee Voice platform that helps organizations measure and improve engagement through simple data visualizations and meaningful crowdsourced dialogue between managers, leaders and teams.  Inspired by the waggle dance honey bees do to communicate vital information, Waggl believes every voice matters. Unlike heavy surveys or basic pulse tools, Waggl is a dialogue-first approach to engagement that creates shared ownership through inclusive team-based action planning.
What’s in a name?
Waggl is inspired by nature.
A "waggle" is the dance honeybees perform to communicate vital information to each other. In fact, there is no better natural analogy than the honeybee hive to describe how a healthy organization uses effective communication to align on decision making and take action.
Creative Direction: Alex Kinnebrew
Visual Design: Daniel Stanczyk
Web Design: Harold Coronado
Marketing: Julia Winn
Copywriter: Allison Behr
Motion Design: Joe Gamalinda

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