"Society has changed!

This is the truth. As consequence business environment for big corporations has changed as well for midsized enterprises. These days results for general companies depend on a myriad of variable inputs and concerns that until recently was not part of managerial agenda such as row materials sources, well being, power sources and its employment, logistics, water, personal relations on and off line, supply chains, culture and many others.

The ability to keep it profitable in a near future (the so called corporate sustainability) necessarily goes through these issues. Companies play a role as social transformation agents and have to participate actively on it. In other words this is not only a matter of philanthropy, or becoming less damaging under the environmental point of view, but creating and embedding in business a new way of doing.

How fast and effective is the capacity of business people to pursue and find innovations that makes real sense will from now on define attractiveness for investors, customers, suppliers and most important, employees"

sustainability = innovation = business

Sustainable Hub Team

Creative Art Direction: Daniel Stanczyk

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