Art Direction: Daniel Stanczyk
Creative Direction: Danielle Torres

Affero Lab is the result of a merger of Brazil's two biggest companies in Corporate Education: Affero and LAB SSJ. On the one side, Affero - with a unique portfolio and dozens of successful cases of technology solutions geared toward learning. On the other, LAB SSJ - recognized for its classroom-based and blended solutions, which link training to results. At both companies: an amazing team, full of competent people who are passionate about what they do and eager to innovate and continue learning.
Affero Lab's purpose is to transform people through education and transform education through people.

"We are a company that believes in people.

We know that therein lies the essence of transformation, the fuel needed to turn one's dreams into reality. Transformation that s possible only when we have the simplicity of learning all the time and with everything around us.
Alone. together, near, far. But that reaches us one way or another.
Learning is not just a "school thing", it's a "life thing". It's something that has to do with curiosity, will, desire, need. Learning has to do with what I want and what I seek. Learning is like child's play. It has to be enjoyable, easy, challenging. It has to make you want to repeat. you have to know what you've gained.
Learning has to do with improving, replacing, sharing. Learning that translates into results, achievement, drive.
And this is our way of thinking and providing education, because the essence lies in now much we like to learn and how much we want to learn.
This way everyone fits in. Every person, every company, and our strong desire to transform society.
Affero Lab.
Learn. Always."

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